The Anti Narcotics Force is a unique organization as it not only deals with interdiction of narcotics but also carries out demand reduction activities. Most of the countries in the world have separate organizations for enforcement measures and for demand reduction. In accordance with the UN Conventions on the subject, the Government of Pakistan has set up a Ministry to deal with the multi dimensional activities associated with the use of illegal drugs.

The Drug Abuse Prevention Resource Centre is one of the two directorates of the Anti Narcotics Force dealing with demand reduction measures since 1998. Previously DDR was a project (from 1988 to 1998) funded by different international donors from time to time i.e European Commission,(1988- 1989), US Aid (1991-1992) and joint E.C./GOP Project (1995-1998) for carrying out the activities of drug demand reduction. Finally it became a part of ANF in 1998.

  • Preparation and implementation of projects / programmes in relation to drug prevention / demand reduction.
  • Maintaining liaison with national and international organizations connected with research into drug abuse issues for collecting and disseminating research findings and other information abuse / demand reduction issues.
  • Develop pool of expertise within the DDR in order to provide meaningful assistance for demand reduction activities to Regional Directorates of ANF, Provincial Government Agencies, NGOs/CBOs and others.
  • Creating a body of resource persons all over the country who can help in national effort in drug abuse prevention / demand reduction.
  • Arranging for audiovisual and printed materials to support training and other drug abuse prevention activities.
  • Development and implementation of a media policy regarding drug abuse prevention / demand reduction.
  • Maintaining lists of NGOs /CBOs, assisting these and networking them.
  • Co-ordination with the UNDP/WHO/UNDCP/US-NAS and DAP of Colombo Plan and all other International Organizations/Foreign Missions.
  • Co-ordination of SAARC Drug Prevention Activities/Seminar/Workshops as Focal Point.
  • To liaise with Provincial Governments on Matters of Registration of Drug Addicts as required under Section 52 of the Control of Narcotics Substance Act-1977.
  • Matters relating to Treatment and Rehabilitation, Establishment of Treatment/ Detoxification facilities at the Federal Level as required under Section 53 of the CNS Act 1977.

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