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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the 33rd largest country in terms of area and 5th most populous with a population of over 210 million with about 64% of which is below 29 years. With such a population configuration future of country lies with youth, which also faces many challenges and drug abuse is taking lead. The geographical location of Pakistan in the close proximity of epicenter of world drug production and exposes us to those dangers of narcotics which no other country in world is exposed to. Staying alive to the situation, Pakistan Government has put in place stringent measures to contain the flow of illicit drugs with Anti Narcotics Force as lead agency to fight against this menace and together we, government and citizens have joined hands to fights this growing menace. My predecessors have done a wonderful job and Alhamdolillah Pakistan became a Poppy Free Country (cultivation less than 1000 hectors) in 2001 and maintains that status till now. However this is not the end. It is just the beginning, our end state is “Drug Free Society”.

Our younger generation, my children, are the target of this menace and I take upon myself as head of this organisation to fight against this cause and I need your willing cooperation to strengthen my hands, for together we stand and alone we fall.

I pay homage to the “Shuhada of ANF”, who laid their lives and sacrificed their today for a better tomorrow of us all. I also acknowledge the efforts of ANF personnel who were injured during counter Narcotics Operations and I seek Allah SWT’s refuge from accursed satin and corruption.

I am confident that In Sha Allah, ANF will fight against drug menace with extreme professional commitment. We, the ANF fraternity, despite odds and challenges pledge to pursue the assigned mandate with devotion, dedication and commitment.

May Allah be with us.

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