ANF :: Enforcement Directorate

Role & Functions

Monitor and ensure implementation of supply Reduction of Narcotics drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals as per Anti Narcotics Force strategy to include following:-

  • Strategic planning, formulation and policy matters
  • Operational enforcement, intelligence as well as planning and deployment of operational equipment for the force
  • Biennial Evaluation of Operational Efficiency (BEOE)
  • Auction of confiscated/ Seized Vehicles under SRO- 2013
  • Handle National Precursors Control Mechanism to check/ control the illicit use of the precursors and Control/ Non Control Substances/ Chemicals
  • Ensure the functioning/ operationalization of the IATF Secretariat
  • Coord and attend the Senate & National Assembly Standing Committees Meeting
  • Coord/ Attendance of all types of meetings/ seminars/ functions and training relating to enforcement/ operational matters
Dealing with IT related matters which include:-
  • Maintenance of ANF Website, Precursors and Drug Information System (AIMS) and Online Verification of CNICs through NADRA VERISYS
  • ANF Publications as well as Departmental Identity Cards (DIDC), Airport Entry Passes (AEP) and temporary passes

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