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Induction of Modern Technology for analysis & effective management of information/data for quick decision making support to enhance the Operational, training and logistic efficiency/performance of the Force.

  • Centralized Data Center
  • Analysis and Speedy Decision Making Support
  • Monitoring of various activities to enhance performance
  • CCTV Coverage of Vital Points (VPs)
  • Merger with E Office Application (Less Paper Environment)
  • Complaints lodging through web, UAN and email
  • Availability of Video Conferencing

ANF Information Management System (AIMS)

ANF is engaged in pursuing its multi dimensional objectives in line with policy outlines given in various international conventions in order to accomplish international commitments besides, marrying up with other law enforcement agencies, profiling of targets, back tracking, database for precursor controlled regime, evaluation / analysis etc. It was certainly needs comprehensive / elaborate system based on development of Information Management System.

Precursors Management System (PMS)

In order to implement precursor controlled regime in true letter and spirit, computerization will certainly help in profiling of industries / organizations / individuals and handling of traffic at sea ports / dry ports.

PMS is a comprehensive web-based information system, which can process, store and report data and convert it into useful information related to Precursor Chemicals, Management of Precursor Control mechanism of NCD/ ANF. Objective of PMS is to raise the capacity of NCD/ANF to improve Monitoring of drug related information and establish data center about licit trade of precursors. Major features of PMS are Recording and Processing of cases of firms for registrations for precursor chemicals, Handles NOC request and issuance, Maintains record of registered firms and firms having NOCs, Data of a specific company regarding import, exports, productions, consumption and distribution of precursors by the firms recorded in the database, Usage statistics of precursor chemicals of a company and most important is the Generation of required reports for analysis at all managerial tiers.

Drug Information System (DIS)

DIS has been designed for dynamic environments that require unique intelligence capabilities for efficient and enhanced decision making. The key features of this system are to produce the best output in an effective, organized and intelligent manner. Drug Information System works as an information repository centre where different types of data and information with regard to drug use, seizures, arrests and precursor chemicals are kept. It Serve to enhance the staff capacities in planning, monitoring and evaluation; information management and evidence-based research and Develop a data centre that will inform policy maker at the national level, as well as the international level (e.g. Improved response to ARQs and BRQs).

Drug Information System consists of following modules:-
  • Enforcement / IATF Module
  • International Co-operation Module
  • Prosecution Module
  • Assets and Financial Investigation Module
  • Drug Demand Reduction Module

It provides a highly interactive executive dashboard, which is fully integrated with the reporting engine. This dashboard provides high officials with an at-a-glance foresight into correlations, trends, and patterns of crime – past, present, and future – empowering them to take action now in order to optimize future results.

Electronic Office Application (E-Office)

In the spirit of democratic governance, revolutionary policies and visionary approach, present government of Pakistan is giving very high priority to information and communications technology (ICT) sector, particularly e-Government System in the country. National Information Technology Board (NITB) has developed e-Office Application for Federal Government to ensure efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, good governance, transparency, and accountability in decision making and delivery of efficient and cost effective public services to citizens of Pakistan. The roll out of the system is in process.

The system is also called Government Resource Planning (GRP) solution framework which has been developed and matured over a period of seven (07) years and is blend of deep Government function’s knowledge and adoption of best practices including Secretariat Instructions, ESTA Code, Rules of Business, Planning Commission, PPRA and PIFRA (Finance Division) guidelines etc.

ANF has the vision to implement this system down to Police Station level so that a less paper environment may be created. Preliminary study of the system and Training of ANF staff on E-Office from whole Pakistan in NITB is in progress.

Pre-Export Notification (PEN) Online system

Governments which are parties to the 1988 Convention are obliged to provide pre-export notifications to Governments of importing countries and territories that have officially requested them. The Pre-Export Notification (PEN) Online system was developed by the INCB to facilitate this exchange and is a fundamental tool for preventing the diversion of precursors from international trade.

Precursors Incident Communication System (PICS)

The Precursors Incident Communication System (PICS) On-line is a secure tool for enhanced communication and information sharing between national authorities on precursor incidents (seizures, stopped shipments, diversions and diversion attempts, illicit laboratories and associated equipment) worldwide and in real-time.

Future Plans

In the spirit of revolutionary policies and visionary approach, ANF giving very high priority to Information and communication Technology Sector to ensure efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness and transparency. ANF continuously improving internal departmental knowledge management capabilities, Records Management systems and to support departments that share information. ANF future Vision is to Create an environment for Information Technology Culture paving way for Development and Rollout of Monitoring Information Systems focusing on core functionalities of ANF, transformation from manual working to e-governance leading to paperless environment, meet futuristic requirements while honoring obligations & commitments, in line with international standards and best practices prevalent globally.

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