ANF :: Prosecution Structure
That prosecution of ANF cases is managed by the Law officers of ANF which include permanent staff consisting of following:

  • Joint Director (Law)
  • Deputy Director (Law)
  • Assistant Director (Law)
  • Inspector (Legal)
  • Contractual staff consisting of Special Prosecutors appointed by Director General ANF in consultation with Ministry of Law under Special Prosecutors (Terms and Conditions) Rules, 2013

Presently, there are 7-Special Courts (CNS) established under Section 46 of CNS Act 1997 by the Federal Government of Pakistan, wherein, narco offences are being prosecuted, the detail is given as under:

  • 2x Special Courts at Karachi
  • 1x Special Court at Lahore
  • 1x Special Court at Rawalpindi
  • 1x Special Court at Islamabad
  • 1x Special Court at Peshawar
  • 1x Special Court at Quetta

Beside the above Courts, one Additional / Sessions Judge in each district is also notified as Special Judge (CNS) by the Federal Government and the following Courts are also empowered to try the offences under CNS Act, 1997:
  • Sessions Judge, Faisalabad
  • Sessions Judge, Multan
  • Sessions Judge, Mianwali
  • Sessions Judge, Sukkur
  • Sessions Judge, Hyderabad
Establishment of Courts
  • Under Process at Kohat
  • Under Process at Mansehra
  • Under Process at Sialkot
Rendition of legal advice to following Internal Directorates
  • Enforcement Directorate
  • Discipline Section
  • Log Directorate
  • International Cooperation Directorate in Blacklisting / ECL cases and vetting of MOUs
  • Assets Directorate in filing Appeals
Monitoring of Service matters in FST, Islamabad
  • Vetting of comments in disciplinary cases, contesting of cases and appeals in FST if so warranted
  • Vigorously contesting of appeals
  • Imparting advice to the RDs in service matters / disciplinary cases
Preparation of SOPs, Guidelines, Instructions to the RDs such as:
  • Attendance of Prosecution Witnesses (PWs) before the court
  • Disposal of confiscated currency
  • Disposal of perishable items
  • Execution of NBWs abroad
  • Enhance conviction rate and curtailing acquittal of the accused
  • Instructions for sampling of narcotics
  • Writing particulars of accused in FIR and POs during investigation
  • POs/Absconders
Proposing & Drafting of Amendments
  • Amendment in CNS Act, 1997 and ANF Act, 1997
  • Amendment in investigation of Fair Trial Act, 2013
  • Amendment in the definition of under section 43 of “Aggrieved Person” in PSA 1977
  • Summary for the President of Pakistan to sign the notification for extension of jurisdiction of CNS Act to FATA

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