ANF :: Mandate
  • To inquire, investigate and prosecute all offences related or connected with intoxicants, narcotics and precursors.
  • Trace and freeze the assets.
  • Coordinate elimination and destruction of Poppy cultivation.
  • Provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies and share information with all national and International agencies on drug related matters.
  • Arrange and coordinate training of own staff and members of other law enforcement agencies related to narcotics.
  • Maintain liaison with all international narcotics control authorities and represent Pakistan in conferences and seminars.
  • Perform any other related functions that may be assigned by the Federal Government.
  • Conduct of drug law enforcement operations through its field component and subsequently ensuring culmination of law enforcement operational cycle through legal proceedings.
  • Investigation, freezing, litigation, legal disposal of assets acquired with drug money.
  • Launching of yearly campaigns by relevant Regional Directorate(s) to eliminate/destroy Poppy cultivation.
  • Training of own and other law enforcement agencies' students in Anti Narcotics Force Academy.
  • Acting as leading drug law enforcement agency, heads the Inter Agency Task Force that comprises all relevant law enforcement agencies.
  • Has signed Memorandum of Understanding with numerous countries and works in close coordination with their drug law enforcement agencies.
  • All above functions are conducted in coordination with relevant Directorates in Headquarters Directorate General Anti Narcotics Directorate.
Anti Narcotics Force has a strategic role in fight against the drugs. Specific responsibilities have been given by the Federal Government through SRO 787(I)/2004 dated 16 September 2004 to Anti Narcotics Force, Provincial Excise and Police Departments, Customs Department, Frontier Corps (Balochistan), Frontier Corps (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), Coast Guards and Maritime Security Agency to exercise powers and perform functions under Sections 21, 22, 23, 37(2) and 38 of Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997 (XXV of 1997) within the areas of their respective jurisdiction.

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