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Moto : "Drug Free Society"

Vision: ANF functions through multipronged strategy, which also focuses on reducing vulnerability through awareness and rehabilitation of addicts.

Mission : Pakistan being in the neighborhood of epicenter of world, Opium and Heroin production has become both a transit and victim state and is facing ever increasing spillover effects. Despite persistent and commendable efforts of all stakeholders, illicit trafficking of opium and heroin remains a serious concern. Given the scale and size of the problem, the Pakistan Government has put in place stringent measures to contain the flow of illicit drugs. Pakistan possesses single mandated Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) under Ministry of Narcotics Control (MNC), working closely with domestic counterparts and International partners. ANF is a principal agency in Pakistan for combating supply and demand reduction of illicit narcotic drugs that enter Pakistan mainly through the long porous border with Afghanistan.

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