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  • Pakistan, itself is recognized by entire world as a Poppy Free State (less than 1000 hectares), but a victim of Afghan Opiates Drug Trafficking.
  • Drugs constitute apprximately US $435 billion of World Drug Economy.
  • Drug addiction causes 685 deaths daily worldwide compared to 49 deaths per day due to terrorism.
  • Approximately US$ 225 billion is utilized for drug treatment worldwide.
  • North Africa, the Middle East and South-West Asia are main regions for production of Cannabis Resin. Whereas, Cannabis herb is produced in most of the countries of the world.
  • Afghanistan is the biggest cultivator of Poppy Opium in the world with a cultivation area of 183,000 Hectare.
  • Opium Poppy is mostly cultivated in South-West Asia and South-East Asia.
  • Cocaine is produced from Coca Bush, which is only cultivated in South America.
  • 40% of Afghan Drug Trafficking utilizes drug trade routes passing form Pakistan.
  • About 7 million of Pakistanis are involved in taking Drugs, amongst which 4 million use Cannabis while 2.7 million use Opioids.
  • There are four main categories of drugs namely: Cannabis, Opoids, Cocaine, Synthetic Drugs.
  • Shipment or Maritime trafficking is the least used mode of drug smuggling, while Road transport is the most utilized mode of trafficking.
  • Coca Bush is used for the production of Cocaine.
  • Canabis is used to develop Marijuana & Hashish, while Opiods are used in development of Opium & Heroine.
  • Cannabis has the most usage with a highest amount to almost 232,070,000 while opioids rank second with the number of usage estimated to 37,560,000.
  • The trend of synthetic drugs & cocaine is on the rise globally.
  • An estimated number of 246 million people used illicit drug in 2013.
  • Around 27 million people suffer from problem drug use.
  • The annual number of people who died due to drug use is estimated at 187,100.
  • Every one out of three drug users is a woman. However, amongst the drug users under treatment the number of women is at only 1 out of 5.
  • The annual number of people who died due to drug use is estimated at 187,100.
  • Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan is constitutionally mandated by Government of Pakistan to counter narcotics covering entire spectrum / all facets.
  • ANF has 5 Regional Directorates spread along Provincial Capitals with 1 Regional Directorate solely focused on Northern Areas.
  • ANF burned narcotics amounting to 137 MT worth US$ 0.825 billion in year 2014 and 320 MT worth US$ 2.25 billion in year 2015.
  • ANF not only directs its efforts to encountering drug menace, it also focuses on treatment & rehabilitation of Drug Addicts.
  • ANF has established 3 Model Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres to provide free treatment, food, boarding and rehabilitation to drug addicts.
  • From 2005 till now MATRC's setup by ANF have treated 14,388 patients throughout Pakistan.
  • ANF has convicted 604 individuals in crimes related to Drug Trafficking form year 2014 till now.

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