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News: ANF Pakistan seized 2053.463 Kg Drugs worth US$ 159.701 Million [28 Nov 2023]. | Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan seized 1975.374 Kg Drugs, 158 Liters Acetone, 290 Liters Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) Chemicals & 8520 Liters Wines worth US$ 179.275 Million internationally | ANF Pakistan seized 428.943 Kg Drugs worth US$ 10.411 Million Internationally [12 Sep 2023]. | ANF Pakistan seized 4166.009 Kg Drugs and 480 Litres Imported Alcohol worth US$ 277.174 Million internationally [19 Sep 2023]. | ANF Pakistan seized 644.334 Kg Drugs, 190 Liter HCL & 600 Kg Suspected Powder worth US$ 15.936 Million internationally [26 Sep 2023]. | ANF Pakistan seized 1698.343 Kg Drugs worth US$ 38.607 Million internationally [24 Oct 2023]. | ANF Pakistan seized 1082.841 Kg Drugs & 3000 Liters Acetic Anhydride Chemical worth US$ 27.970 Million [22 Nov 2023]. | ANF Pakistan seized 960.981 Kg Drugs & 102 Liters Hydrochloric Acid Chemical (HCL) worth US$ 27.064 Million [14 Nov 2023]. | ANF Pakistan seized 2830.340 Kg Drugs worth US$ 207.806 Million [19 Dec 2023]. | ANF Pakistan seized 1168 Kg Drugs worth US$ 79 Million. Arrested 52 accused including an Afghan National and 7 females while conducting 39 counter narcotics operations. [10 June 2024] | ANF Pakistan seized 3046 Drugs and 1560 liter HCL US$ 74 Million. Arrested 52 accused including an Afghan Nationals and 6 females while conducting 49 counter narcotics operations. | ANF Pakistan seized 814 Kg Drugs and 208 bottles of Liquor US$ 107 Million. Arrested 52 accused including 2 Afghan Nationals and 5 females while conducting 38 counter narcotics operations. | ANF Pakistan seized 2894 Kg Drugs and 636 Liter Hydrochloric Acid worth US$ 345 Million. Arrested 32 accused including an Afghan National and a female while conducting 43 counter narcotics operations. | Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan seized 543 Kgs Drugs worth US$ 39 Million. Arrested 34 accused including 4 ladies and impounded 10 vehicles while conducting 34 counter narcotics operations throughout the country. | ANF Pakistan seized 1181 Kg Drugs and 434 Liters Acetic Anhydride worth US$ 82.438 Million. Arrested 48 accused including 4 women and impounded 13 vehicles while conducting 44 counter narcotics operations throughout the country | ANF Pakistan seized 1164.139 Kg Drugs worth US$ 43.698 Million internationally [30 Oct 2023].
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Major General Abdul Moeed, HI(M)
Director General
Anti Narcotics Force

Director General's Message

The rising tide of drug abuse poses an unprecedented challenge to our society, fueled by insidious trafficking networks and influenced by modern trends. It imperils our communities and undermines our values. We must stand firm, crafting robust strategies that weave together prevention, treatment, and enforcement measures. By tackling root causes and embracing a multifaceted approach, we can safeguard our future and reclaim our streets from the clutches of addiction.

Technology has revolutionized drug smuggling, moving beyond borders. From synthetic production to dark web trades with cryptocurrencies, enforcement faces new frontiers.The Pakistani government, through the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), collaborates with domestic and international partners to counter the production and spread of synthetic drugs. This effort aims to protect the youth and safeguard society from irreparable harm.

ANF focuses on implementing strategies to reduce drug supply, including dismantling trafficking organizations, conducting controlled deliveries, eradicating poppy cultivation, and disrupting illicit drug supply chains. These efforts are crucial in combating drug-related crimes and safeguarding communities from the harmful effects of drug abuse.

The ANF campaign focuses on Harm Minimization and Zero Tolerance strategies aligned with global drug policies. Presently, its Drug Demand Reduction initiatives prioritize awareness campaigns, addiction treatment centers, and community programs to decrease drug demand and assist affected individuals.

ANF, engages in international cooperation to combat trafficking effectively by collaborating with foreign law enforcement agencies, participating in joint operations, sharing intelligence and best practices, and adhering to international drug policy commitments to address the transnational nature of the trade.

ANF's relentless pursuit against drug-related crimes is powered by a cutting-edge scientific approach. By harnessing modern forensic techniques, conducting meticulous data analysis, and fostering global partnerships, ANF ensures the gathering of irrefutable evidence. This commitment to scientific rigor not only bolsters investigations but also fortifies prosecutions, delivering justice with unwavering precision.

We owe gratitude to the "Shuhada of ANF" who sacrificed their lives in the noble fight against drugs.Their dedication guides our quest for a drug-free society. Applauding the ongoing vigilance of all ANF personnel.

May Allah be our Guide and Protector. Ameen…