ANF :: Youth Ambassadorship

  • ANF Youth Ambassadorship is open for all age citizens especially from Islamabad, Rawalpindi Division, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan areas. However, it is open for all Pakistan.
  • These Volunteer Ambassadors will work for a noble cause which is aimed at creating awareness against spread of Narcotics, drugs and illicit pills amongst youth. All ambassadors will be certified as volunteer ambassadors of ANF.
  • This forum will provide youth ambassadors to contribute positively towards future of Pakistan. Forum will also provide opportunity/platform to youth Ambassadors to project their personality talent in different fields.
  • Different talent will be picked up for representing ANF and their respective talent will be highlighted/ projected at various National / International forums.
Goals and Objectives
  • To promote and highlight importance of “Volunteer Social Work” in line with developed countries.
  • To provide Forum to talented youth to project / polish their respective talent / specialty and make their name progressively to national & international levels.
  • To enhance capacity building of youth through participatory approach.
  • To enhance capacity building of youth through participatory approach.
  • To polish / strengthening leadership qualities of youth who do not get any National forum.
  • Voluntarily working and serving the humanity for noble cause and for future of Pakistan.
Roles and Responsibilities of Youth Ambassadors

Pro-active participation in ANF mass awareness campaign e.g.

  • Spread/ transmit ANF noble cause message against drugs abuse amongst youth / society.
  • Anti-Narcotics / anti-drugs walks/ rallies.
  • Seminars, workshops, conferences and festivals.
  • Participate and represent ANF on print and electronic media shows, programs, discussion and debates etc etc.
  • Community engagement and outreach programs.
  • Participate in Annual Drug Burning Ceremony.
  • Research and Development.
  • Public relations, social networking and avail jobs in the process.
  • Mobilize students in academic institutions School/College and University levels against drugs abuse.

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